Can you become Hegor the famous dragon-slaying, monster-mangling Barbarian ?
Are you the warrior who can enter thefearful realms of the underground world of Durgan, a world terrorized by the evil Necron ?
Can you handle the adventure, the frenziedattacks, the hidden traps, the gruesome death dealing monsters ?
Your quest: to destroy the lair of the accursed Necron.
Your prize : the kingdom’s crown.Your task is awesome !
You must live onyour wits, conquer yout innermost fears, useevery skill and weapon available to you.Hideous perils await.
Can you survive ?
Are you Hegor the famous dragon-slaying,monster-mangling Barbarian.

 Original game by : Psygnosis

 Plateform  : ATARI ST / AMIGA OCS

Programmers : David H. Lawson and Ian Hetherington (Title and End Sequence)

 Game design : David H. Lawson and Chris Wright

 Graphic Artist : Garvan Corbett ,Colin Rushby and Jeff Bramfit

 Cover Artist : Roger Dean


Release : 1987

Remake by : Igor , Troudki

Console : Sega Megadrive

Cover Box printBarbarian_Sega_Megadrive_Box.png

Cartridge print : Barbarian_Sega_Megadrive_Cartridge.png

 Manual print: Barbarian_manual_Megadrive.pdf

Download rom : ...

Remake : coming soon