How to make your own HuCard

HuCard Proto V1

The HuCard (Japanese: ヒューカード, Hepburn: HyūKādo) is a ROM cartridge in the form of a card, designed by Hudson Soft for NEC's PC-Engine and PC Engine SuperGrafx video game consoles, which premiered in 1987 and 1989, respectively. In the United States, where the PC-Engine was marketed as the TurboGrafx-16, the HuCard is alternately called the TurboChip.

Domkid has always wanted to make his own and based on research on the Net was able to design its 1st model based on an eprom. So he redid the PCB with a software called SprintLayout, here's the result:


Version 1 of the Hucard is based on AT29C040A - Dip 32 - 4Mbit - 5v 


: Don't forget to modify the rom by removing the header before flashing


HuCard proto V2

This new version must be more compact with more memory, the choice of a smaller PCB which receives a memory of 8 Mb on TSOP 40 pins embedded in a 3d printed plastic support.

PCB: 1mm ,
TSOP: 1mm (1cm x 2cm )  20 pins on 1 cm ! arghhh
remaining 0.4mm, the thickness of the HuCARD being 2.4mm
it's going to be just...


To flash the rom on this new surpport, you need an adapter.


3D modeling of the HuCARD proto that will receive the new PCB


The top surface of the HuCard remains a bit rough but the PCB fits well.

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