IK+ Deluxe version

Fight your way through this stunning sequel to International Karate.
Spectacular animated backgrounds, amazing moves including double head-kick and bon-bending backflips.
This must be an ultimate hit; at the sure hit; not against one but three opponents !!
Gallons on gratuitous fightin’ and fumpin’ fun to be had here.

 Original game by : SYSTEM 3
Plateform : ATARI ST / AMIGA OCS
 Programmers : Archer MacLean
 Game design : Archer MacLean
 Graphic Artist : Archer MacLean
 Cover Artist :
 Musican : Dave Lowe  
 Release : 1988

 Remake by : Igor, Troudki, Yannus Stark, Kaot

 Console : Sega Megadrive

 Cover Box printIkdeluxe_Box.png

 Cartridge printIkdeluxe_Cartridge.png

 Manual print: Ikdeluxe_manual_Megadrive.pdf

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 Release : 2019 

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